We know that shipping (especially international shipping) can be expensive these days, so we wanted to find a way to make those points a bit more useful. So we’re running a test program until July 20th wherein Gift Cards are now available in the menu of ways points can be redeemed.

Why are gift cards better than discount codes?

  1. Gift Cards act as Credit at checkout meaning they apply to the bottom line total, including shipping and taxes!
  2. They do not take up the discount code slot, so they can be used in combination with other discount codes!
  3. They can be used on anything in the store!
  4. They can be gifted to a friend or loved one!

You can read more information on how gift cards work here.

Click here for a walkthrough of how to redeem points and then use a gift card.

So if you haven’t registered for our Ambassador Points program, there’s even more reason to do so! If you aren’t sure if you are registered, just go to https://store.magnetic-press.com/#smile-home  and log in or sign up.

If you don’t have enough points for a Gift Card yet, there are many ways to earn points: Share or Follow us on Facebook or Twitter, place an order, or just celebrate a birthday! You earn 10 points for every dollar spent on the store, so they can add up quickly!