By Mathieu Bablet

Blessed or cursed with Immortality, the ageless king of Hyperborea wakes up from a millennium of self-imposed oblivion, having watched his kingdom crumble to time, along with all those he has ever loved. He decides to travel to Mount Olympus where he will confront the gods to ask why he was burdened with such an affliction and how he can end it. The journey will be long and treacherous and filled with unimaginable men and beasts of lore, but he has no fear of harm and all the time in the world…


Written by Hubert and illustrated by Bertrand Gatignol

Bragante is known as the Firstborn among the royal race of giants. As she grows elderly and weak, she decides to reveal the truth about her past to her granddaughter, the latest in the lineage, preparing her for the difficult life that lies ahead. She refuses to shield the child from the monstrosities that her father, the king, is known for. But it is through unrelenting cunning that she might someday survive to take the throne…

Set in the giant-filled world of The Ogre Gods series, this story runs parallel to Petit, but stands alone, telling the tale of Yori and his own struggle to find his place among a family who would not have him, their own dramatic politics and family history playing out in the shadow of the giants’ castle that looms above their city.

Told in a mixture of sequential art chapters interspersed with prose historical backstory sections, this unique volume describes a massive tale of intrigue and betrayal.