Can you believe it?  It was one year ago this month that our very first book hit shelves — Caio Oliveira’s (awesome) SUPER-EGO: FAMILY MATTERS.  Seems like only yesterday from a million years ago.  We made our public debut at last year’s San Diego Comic Con with just 4 books and a whole lotta hope.  And look at us now: over a dozen gorgeous books, an exciting original miniseries, and two Eisner Award nominations…

We have had a banner first year and we want to celebrate our anniversary with you, the fans and supporters who helped make it all happen. We have A LOT in store for you.  Stay tuned for more of our BIG plans for San Diego Comic Con 2015, plus a look at our newest releases, upcoming books, and sneak peeks into what we have in store for Year Two.

But first, you don’t wanna miss this:

Anniversary Sale Chalkboard_ann sale

Yes, that makes everything in our webstore CHEAPER THAN AMAZON 😉
Like we said, we want to do something special for you, the inner circle of Magnetic Press fans and supporters who made our first year a great one.
Just go to our webst0re (thru the link in the menu bar above, or by going to and enter the code: “YEARONEROCKED” at checkout between now and 11:59pm PST on June 30th, and we’ll take 40% off your entire order.   Everything.  Even pre-orders.  Yeah, crazy, we know.