In a post-apocalyptic future, our civilization is no more and humanity lives on looting and hacking, organizing itself into makeshift villages or caravans of roaring wrecks.

In this brutal society, a young repairman named Solal does what he can to protect his sister Eva, who suffers from a respiratory illness. But when their medication runs out, they have only one hope: to go to the “Wall”, a gigantic impregnable enclosure guarded by monstrous robots. Inside that fabled shelter lives a community of powerful people with the resources to help them… but all is not as optimistic as it seems…

Collecting the full dystopic trilogy created by film director Antoine Charreyron and artist Mario Alberti, THE WALL is a fast-paced survival story mixing elements of science fiction and horror in perfect blockbuster proportions. Brimming with the nihilism of Mad Max and The Walking Dead, this gripping drama plunges us into a maelstrom of dust, rust, and blood. A graphic feat for a wild and post-apocalyptic road movie that, in the purest tradition of the genre, questions the future of humanity and the consequences of our actions.

Written by: Antoine Charreyron
Illustrated by: Mario Alberti

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