In a post-Apocalyptic future, all traces of technology have seemingly disappeared from the surface of the Earth. Two surviving bands face off against each other in tribal combat, while the Patriarch of the larger clan plans his attack to destroy the “infernal machine” designed by his opponent. Because he remembers how technology made humanity weak, and how it almost wiped us out 100 years before…

Flashback to the year 2052, An unexplained and unexpected natural phenomenon causes electricity itself to simply fail. And in its disappearance, civilization falls to its knees, almost instantaneously.

A cautionary, post-apocalyptic tale told from both sides of the downfall. Based on the acclaimed sci-fi novel “RAVAGE” by Rene Barjavel, widely cited as one of the top-100 most influential sci-fi novels written, birthing the “Apocalyptic Dystopia” genre.

       Written by: JD Morvan (from the novel by Rene Barjavel)
Illustrated by: Rey Macutay and Walter

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