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Special Early Access: WAHCOMMO - High-fantasy Graphic Novel by Luis NCT
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Every generation, the bravest warrior in the tribe is tasked with venturing north to the Lost City of their ancestors to retrieve a portion of the treasure their forefathers had abandoned fleeing the cataclysm that nearly wiped them out. The trials are hard and many, but so is the quest this individual will inherit.

This time, however, to the surprise of many, the chosen warrior is a young woman…


A sprawling dark fantasy graphic novel by Luis NCT

216-page graphic novel presented in archival-quality hardcover with spotUV elements and curved corners.

Ultra-limited faux-leather-bound edition also available!

Mixing familiar aesthetic elements from THE LORD OF THE RINGS with character threads from YA tales such as THE GIVER series and the GRACELING series, WAHCOMMO will appeal to fans of high fantasy from every direction. Filled with classic elements of role playing games such as BALDUR’S GATE, THE ELDER SCROLLS, and THE WITCHER, WAHCOMMO offers an adventure filled with an exciting and unique visual style that mixes comic art with painterly brushwork and the cinematic scope of an animated feature.

It’s a bold narrative about determining one’s own fate and defying social expectations.